Sometime after the preorder period of the Classic Spyro First4Figures statue, a poll was run by First4Figures for Spyro fans of The Legend of Spyro to vote for a collectible statue of Teen Spyro. The poll has reached its quota of 450+ yes votes, and a companion statue is planned for Teen Spyro and Teen Cynder from The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon.

Cynder Statue Teaser

But that's not all, a poll for Skylanders Spyro has opened, and if 450+ yes votes are reached, they'll do a collectible statue on him based on his Skylanders Academy design. If you are interested in buying/seeing a Skylanders Spyro statue in the same quality as the Classic Spyro First4Figures Statue, now’s your chance!

Despite the large amount of no votes, First4Figures is only focusing on the YES VOTES! Even if there are over 500+ no votes, getting the yes votes past 450+ is all that matters! The poll never closes either!

If you have a Facebook account, and you are interested in buying/seeing a Skylanders Spyro F4F statue, join the First 4 Figures Official Collector’s Club first in order to vote on the poll! You also do not have to engage with the negativity lingering in the poll comments, just simply vote yes and move on!

The First4Figure’s Official Collector’s Club to request to join

Direct link to the poll

SkylandersSpyro Poll