I beat Gnasty Gnorc and Ripto in the first two games of the Reignited Trilogy. It wasn't actually hard to get to Ripto, and the biggest challenge before Gnasty Gnorc was Twilight Harbor.

But I know that you need ALL the Gems and dragon eggs to get to the bonus round where you defeat the Sorceress for real (since it shows her hand reaching out of the lava after the supposed final battle with her).

Exactly how hard is this? (I never got 100% completion on the first two games) What do you have to do for dragon eggs? Catch thieves? Challenges similar to the Orbs? Or something else? Are there any parts that most players wouldn't be able to do and only the most skilled players can?

Also are there any flight/speedway stages? Some of those I can beat, some I can't (like Sunny Flight, I tried numerous times in multiple orders but I could never beat it, same with Ocean Speedway but I got Metro Speedway)

Either way I'll probably try to beat Hollow Knight first.

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