• Sclera1

    looking at this website, i think it is true to say that there are various name inconsistencies (i.e. for enemies) as pointed out by some other people (e.g. Ox or moose for the enemy in Shiela's Alp), il try and fix it up as well as hopefully organise with people what their true names are, but il have to do it on the weekend Sclera1 12:37, April 13, 2010 (UTC)

    Ok, the first i think "Warthogs" would be the appropriate name for the creature in beast makers rather than "Swamp Boars"

    Another thing is the beasts in Magic Crafters (previously they were called mammoths), they don't resemble mammoths or any other live creature so beasts would be a good name for now...

    There is still the unresolved issue of whether the blue wizards in Magic Crafters ar…

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