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  • I was born on September 28
  • My occupation is Author, Historian, Editor, Film/TV/Literature Fanatic, Fried Chicken Eater
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  • Scourge the Dark Claw

    So, this year I finished Skylanders: Sacrifice and started on its sequel, Skylanders: Savior Rising. This story includes Spyro, Cynder, Hex, Sunburn, Sonic Boom, Whirlwind, Camo, Trigger Happy, Gill Grunt, Kaos, and Vathek in the main roles. This is the summary:

    After the Battle of the Ruins, where Spyro was severely injured by Kaos, Cynder has gone missing. Spyro rounds up the Skylanders once more to find her. Meanwhile Spyro must deal with nightmares that end with two evil red eyes. Where is Cynder? What do the red eyes mean? And who do the eyes belong to?

    I have planned this story to have 25 chapters. If you wish to read it, here is the link:

    Note that it is the third story in m…

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  • Scourge the Dark Claw


    December 31, 2012 by Scourge the Dark Claw

    Hey guys. It's hard to believe, but it's been 1 year since I joined you guys. It's been an amazing year, filled with happiness, fun, and a ban (thanks Dark :D). I have met dome amazing people (becoming friends with most of them) and I've decided to sign on for another year (just wanted to sound professional). Have a happy New Year and God bless! "May the Ancestors look after you. May they look after us all."

    Scourge the Exile (talk) 23:47, December 31, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Scourge the Dark Claw

    Christmas has finally arrived! It's been an amazing year with you guys, and I must say that I have decided to sign on for another year. Luckily, I will be celebrating my one-year anniversary with you guys, so that should be fun. Now, go open your presents, eat some food, go to Grandma's house, and don't run Grandma over. Anyway, have a verry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! God Bless!

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  • Scourge the Dark Claw

    Sup peoples, this Scourge the Dark Claw, and I am doing the news blog this week.

    • Not long ago, one of our own users found info on a Skylanders: Giants battle pack. If you would like to read about it, read it here.
    • Also, I (Scourge the Dark Claw) have made a Legend of Spyro RP wiki. If you want the link, here you go:

    • Hey guy’s it’s Blahmarrow doing this part. This’ll be the last time I’m doing the news, as I will be retiring from wiki work after this. (I blame old age! Though really I’m a busy man now, got little time to help out here. Peace out yall!)
    • Right, time for something interesting, might be a first. DarkShadowDragon’s back, let’s all get a cheer going and welcome him back!
    • We sho…

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  • Scourge the Dark Claw

    Is it Ripto, Cynder (when she's evil), Gaul, Kaos, or Malefor?

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