The Virtual Playground is an area found in Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs. It is the first level Spyro goes to that serves as a tutorial level. It is where Spyro first meet the Butler, a creation of the Professor's that causes tons of damage. This level has some portals to other levels which you can not reach otherwise. The Virtual Playground can also be revisited at any time from Dragon Shores. Upon the second visit, Spyro can go through the level again to get the best time to complete it.


Unlike, most realms in Attack of the Rhynocs, Virtual Playground takes place in a virtual simulation made by the Professor. While, it's meant the teach Spyro how to navigate the level, it's one of the few levels which Spyro cannot die from falling off the map. There are no enemies in the level. One feature of this level would be that, it has comically larger version the vases and baskets in the level. Moreover, it does have golden statues of the Professor.



  • The Virtual Playground theme is the most used throughout the game. This is because, it can be accessed within levels using the Phoenix Shades which will reveal the Virtual Hideway of that realm.
  • It's the only level in the game which doesn't have enemies to fight and you cannot die from falling off the map.
  • There's no items or gems present in this level.
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