Volcanic Isle is the last homeworld in Spyro: A Hero's Tail. It's the only world to feature more than three areas. There are five areas in Volcanic Isle, split into three parts. The first part is the island the volcano is located on. The second part is the volcano. The third and last part is the underground industrial areas that Red is hiding in. The five levels are called Stormy Beach, Molten Mount, Magma Falls, Dark Mine and Red's Laboratory. The worlds may be considered red's base.


Stormy Beach

Red arrives here and in temper, he flies across the island and straight into the volcano. Here Spyro learns that Red has a secret underground lair in the realm. He is informed that the Professor will dig down to his lair, while Spyro has to try and find a way into the volcano housed on the island. Spyro meets Moneybags and helps out a bit, before climbing inside the volcano on his way to Red's Lair.

Molten Mount

Spyro gets into the volcano and makes his way through the fire. He helps a hyena named Teena get rid of some rock monsters. Then he continues inside, passing danger along the way and destroying Dark Gems and collecting collectibles before getting to the top of the volcano and gaining access to the inside.

Magma Falls

Spyro takes a lift from Molten Mount down inside to the volcano. He then arrives and does his business, still unaware of where Red's Lair is. Then he takes a treacherous journey on the Ball Gadget through the Volcano and it's magma chambers. Then he arrives deep underground and continues his way through the fire and evil. After a harsh journey and destroying Dark Gems, he then finds a chasm and discovers an industrial mine.

Dark Mine

Spyro arrives at the mine and leaves the volcanic chambers. Here, he discovers where Dark Gems come from and why Red might build a base here. He discovers the gnorcs are being turned into robots. He continues through the industrial mine, deep underground, towards Red's Lab. He finds the entrance to the Lab and continues onwards.

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