This article is about the element in the Skylanders series. You may be looking for the Dragon Breath in the Classic series.

Water is one of the eight elements in the Skylanders series.


Water is present in all living things. Without it, few of the Elements would ever have come to exist. Water takes on many forms - a calm lake, a torrential rainfall, a furious typhoon - and Water Elementals come in just as wide a range of shapes and sizes. Vast areas of Skylands are covered in Water, and beneath the surface lie a whole host of undersea kingdoms. There are creatures living down there who haven't even found out that dry land exists, never mind set foot on it. From heroic protectos like the Gillmen to the monstrous fish like the Leviathan, Water supports and teems with all manners of life.[1]


Skylanders associated with this element use water and ice to defeat their enemies and have the ability to swim. They are strong against Fire, but are weak against Life characters in the Battle Arena. The color of this element is blue.

Water Skylanders use whirlpools as teleporters after opening a Water Gate. They also stand on a pedestal of water when they're in their toy form.


The Life element is strongest against Water. The grass, flowers, and plants that are part of Life suck Water through their roots to give them strength. Which is great for them, but not too handy for Water.[2]

Water Elemental Characters



Kaos' Water Minions



  • This element and Tech are the only elements to have two Legendary Skylanders. However, Water is the first element to have two Legendaries appear at the same time (in the Skylanders: Giants era).
  • This and the Life element contain two sidekicks.
  • Water-based Skylanders are one of the three elemental characters who do not build a bridge when opening their elemental gates, the others being Air and Fire. Instead, they are pulled through a swirling whirlpool of water in Spyro's Adventure.
  • Despite being of this element, Slam Bam appear to be more Ice-based than Water-based. This may be because ice is also seen/known as frozen water.


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