This article is about the workers. You may be looking for the wizards that live in Mystic Marsh.

Water Workers are antagonistic characters that appear in both Aquaria Towers and Sunny Beach in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy remaster of the second game.

Appearance and Abilities

The Water Workers attack Spyro by zapping him with their shock sticks, they can be defeated by flame or charge. Their appearance differs slightly between the two levels: in Aquaria Towers, the Water Workers wear scuba helmets while in Sunny Beach they do not. They seem to enjoy torturing sea creatures, which is demonstrated when they enslave the sea turtles in Sunny Beach or steal the water from Aquaria Tower. They also have been credited with defeating a giant squid named 'Verne' in Aquaria Towers world, turning it "into fried calamari."

In Sunny Beach, they work alongside ducks with floaties.

Their Reignited look shows they have a small box attached to the front by a belt, the helmets are grey instead of brown with gold, and their shock sticks are more advanced; plus their eyes are smaller.


In Aquaria Towers, the Water Workers had drained all of the water the Seahorses needed to thrive, leaving them stuck on dry land. One worker notably teased a Seahorse with a cup before pouring the water in it into a bucket that has another unknown aquatic creature in it.

Later on, in Sunny Beach, a group of Waterworkers were kidnapping several turtles, when one was electrocuted after accidentally touching another worker's shock stick with his back. The box he was pulling towards him crushed (and possibly killed) another worker with the turtles escaping. Another one tried to chase after a turtle, but it stole his shock stick and chased him away.



  • Several Water Workers make a cameo appearance in Dragon Shores, where they serve as targets for the shooting game. For some reason, they wear their diving helmets here.
  • The Plumber in the Ratchet & Clank series is sometimes referred to as the Water Worker. He may have gotten this title from these foes, though this is unlikely.
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