“I can't believe I was defeated by a pygmy pipsqueak so tiny that you couldn't even see him with a microscope!”

Watery Tomb is a boss realm found Lost Cities that appears in Spyro: A Hero's Tail. It is where Ineptune is fought. Defeating her will awaken Aqua, who gives Spyro the power of Water breath.


Make sure you have bought the extra Health for Sparx. At the main shop, it only costs 5,000 gems. You should buy it right away, since it can be bought before Gnasty Gnorc is battled.

Round 1. First, Ineptune will through some toxic balls at you; move to dodge. She will then use her breath; stay away from it, then charge for her purple belt. Ineptune will then dive into the toxic water and summon up a platform with a beam launcher. Try not to get hit by the beams by jumping and gliding. The platform will return to normal, and Ineptune will return. While she moves, she will throw a toxic bomb at you; dodge by just moving away. She will then use her breath again. Stay away, then hit the belt. Watch out for the beams; they will come back once Ineptune is under the toxic water. She will throw toxic balls in the third part. After hitting the belt, Round 2 begins. The game will automatically save in case she defeats you during the second round.

Round 2. A butterfly will appear in this round just in case you are hit. All of Ineptune's attacks are the same each round; only the beams change. In this round, you gotta dodge two sets of beams. Also, they are faster than in the first round. Keep this up and you would have brought Ineptune's Health towards only 1/3 left. The game will automatically save, so you woun't have to repeat the round again. Now get ready for Round 3...

Round 3. You can hear Electricity for some reason. When Ineptune dives under the toxic water the first time, the beams will go faster. Be very careful with trying to dodge them. The second time she dives into the water, one of the beams launchers will have an extra two beams attached to it. Be very careful. However, if Sparx is ether gold (or blue, if you bought the extra health) just take a hit from the beams; this will automatically summon back Ineptune. Now finish off that sea witch!


After defeating Ineptune, the water will no longer be toxic, and the water fairy Aqua will awaken from her sleep. She will grant Spyro with the water breath. She will also explain that it would move objects, solve puzzles and will slow down enemies. When you reach the exit, the gate will be closed. Use your new breath to open it, then leave the area. The gate will also close, so that way you can never return. Then use the teleporter to go to Icy Wilderness.


Watery Tomb- Spyro: A Hero's Tail
Spyro A Hero's Tail - Boss 2 - Ineptune

Spyro A Hero's Tail - Boss 2 - Ineptune


  • There is a way to fight Ineptune without destroying the Dark Gems around the Lost Cities. To activate, go to the right of the forcefield (near where the shell with the purple curtain is), then try to jump up the rocks and behind the house. If Spyro get's stuck, then he will fall into an unknown area. Move around a bit, and the area will become the cave. However, there is no music until Spyro is knocked out the first time. Here is the link to the YouTube video.
  • Ineptune's toxic breath can be totally avoided if the player places Spyro on the edge of the opposite side of the platform where Ineptune is attacking from. Spyro can also avoid the laser beams if the player manages to place him atop one of the launchers.
  • When swimming in the air inside the cave, Spyro can pass the invisible trigger (that would stop him from swimming and set him back to a normal state) at the first broken shell light swimming unless Ineptune has already been defeated.