This article is about the imps in the classic series. You may be looking for the Lockmaster Imps or the Flame Imps, both in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.

“The rhynocs have shut down our cloud generator... and I'll never see a rainbow again.”

“If my wings were big and strong like yours, I could easily glide across here...”

“Do you want this doodad? It fell out of the belfry.”

“Now that's what I call a sun!”

The Weather Imps are small, magical, androgynous fairy-like creatures who are the native inhabitants of Cloud Spires in Sunrise Spring of the Forgotten Worlds. They appeared in Spyro: Year of the Dragon.

Even though Fluffy is the one to return to Sunrise Spring, Cumulus will be present at the balloon instead.


They are small pink creatures with cute animal faces dressed in blue robes, with small wings, flat tails, and a gold headdress they each wear, is actually their spikey hair similar in structure to their cloud generator.


The Weather Imps' main ability is controlling the weather. How they do so is unknown, but they appear to use machines such as the Cloud Generator. They can fly, but according to Cirrus, they appear to be bad gliders. Of course, it's possible Cirrus's wings have not fully developed, since Nimbus and Fluffy are shown to fly pretty well (although Nimbus is no match for the wind caused by the Winged Rhynocs).

Fluffy, Stratus and Cumulus appear to be the main caretakers of their world; Fluffy controls the Cloud Generator, which can only activate if the bellows in their world are working. Stratus is the caretaker of a Rain Cloud, while Cumulus is the caretaker of the Sun.


There are a lot of Weather Imps residing within Cloud Spires, yet there are a few with important jobs to help running their city. Spyro enters their home and it is been so long that they last saw Dragons in the last 1000 years since they left the Forgotten Worlds. They're all glad that they now need his help in freeing their home from the Rhynocs.

Spyro enters one area after he gets the egg from Fluffy after activating the Cloud Generator. In this area, Spyro has to help Stratus to wake up a Rain Cloud by driving evil spirits out of bell towers using a Superfly Powerup. In the other area, accessed by a nearby doorway, Cumulus asked Spyro must guide three sun seeds into a pot of lava so that they can be fused into a sun.

Name Origin

All but Fluffy are named after a type of cloud. The names of the clouds come from a term in Latin.

  • Nimbus = Dark Cloud
  • Cirrus = Curl
  • Cumulus = Heap or Pile
  • Stratus = Spread out

Notable Weather Imps

It's assumed that there are many more Weather Imps in this world, including Females.


  • If you manage to flame Fluffy at the same time he talks to you (indicated by his response by jumping and saying "Ow"), there will be no cutscene, and a "To Talk" will appear instead. This is known as the Fluffy Glitch.
  • In Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, one of the cities that is visited is called Stratus City. It's possible that it might have been named after Stratus.