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Wendel is a supporting character exclusively in the 3DS version of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. He is the son of Fargus and the last free Seeker. Wendel has the ability to release a Skylander from their crystal state using his magic, along with the Portal Master's.


At first, Wendel was hesitant in his sudden duty to guide the new Portal Master and stopping Hektore, having never accomplished anything without his father's help. He felt that that he wasn't a Seeker even though Fargus said that Wendel was prepared to be one. But overtime during the story, Wendel slowly grows into a brave leader in absence of his father, which is noticed by the other Seekers. He also has knowledge over parts of the Radiant Isles.


Wendel was supposed to take Mystic Seeker evaluations weeks prior, but he kept finding reasons to avoid them. He didn't really understand what his father, Fargus, was trying to teach him.

One day, The Darkness came to the Radiant Isles and brought Hektore with it. The fiend used the power of The Darkness to take over the Radiant Isles and imprisoned the other Seekers, forcing them to create the Dark Mirror. Wendel managed to escaped with Fargus, and they awaited for the new Portal Master to arrive. When Hektore rediscovered them, Fargus quickly gave the title of the Last Free Seeker to Wendel before the evil invader homed in on their position, and Fargus sacrificed himself to protect Wendel and the new Portal Master from Hektore's wrath. Wendel picked up the staff that was left behind by Fargus and instructed the new Portal Master that they must get to the Sanctuary, and that together they will stop Hektore for good by his father's word.

With the help of the rescued Mystic Seekers, Wendel used his power to destroy the Dark Mirror from a beacon that was his staff, and Hektore himself was destroyed shortly after the Mirror's destruction. Wendel was soon reunited with Fargus, who gave the title of a true Mystic Seeker to his son as a gift for his accomplishment. Wendel then informed the new Portal Master that they will forever be part of the Radiant Isles, and that his home was now freed thanks to the Portal Master and their Skylanders.

Skylander Repairment

If your Skylander is no longer being registered on the console versions, Wendel can repair them. Place them on the Portal of Power and go up to him with the broken Skylander, he will say the Skylander currently placed on the Portal is corrupt and will ask if you would like to repair it. Accept and he will fix your Skylander. On a side note, it will reset your Skylander progress but at least it will be fixed.

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