The White Isle is an island that lies somewhere in the ocean of the Dragon Realms in The Legend of Spyro series. It is the home of the Chronicler.


The sea surrounding the isle glows a bright aqua color, and it is covered in white sand, ice, rocks and floating platforms. It is a testing ground for all the dragons who find it, though most of its entrance is in twisted and scattered ruins. It is also crawling with bones of dead creatures, and is guarded by various humanoid monsters. A massive temple is also built, surrounded by the Celestial Caves, and it is a home for the Chronicler, who sits and records the past, present and bits of the future of every dragon. Though the sea on the outside appears normal, the pools inside the island bubble and contain various skeletons, indicating they may be acid.


After passing out shortly the defeat of Skabb, Spyro was taken to the White Isle by a "freaky little turtle monster," as Sparx called it, so that he can hide from the Apes. The purple dragon realized that this was the place they were looking for, and began exploring the Isle. He had to go into four elemental portals to test his skills. Spyro mastered all the elements and won the fights, and battled an elemental dragon in the shape of adult Cynder under the control of the Dark Master, which was what Spyro feared most of all.

Afterwards, Spyro finally met the Chronicler who showed Spyro's and Cynder's future. The ancient dragon tried to convince Spyro to "ride out this storm. And live to fight another day," so he can be safe from the Night of Eternal Darkness, but Spyro refused after he saw the fact that there will no hope for Cynder, and when the Dark Master returns, she would join him. Spyro was determined to save Cynder from such a fate, and the Chronicler reluctantly showed him the way to the Mountain of Malefor.


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