The Wind symbol

Wind is one of the four breath abilities used by Cynder in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. This was one of the natural elements Malefor learned in his earlier days.


The symbol of Wind looks like a white swirl of wind on a background of gray-blue. It is Cynder's most useful element (in basic form).


Primary Wind

  • Cyclone: Cynder can unleash her wind element that can summon a powerful gust of wind that blows enemies off the edge.
  • Super Cyclone
  • Ultimate Cyclone

Secondary Wind

  • Twister: Cynder can unleash her wind element to transform into a swirling tornado that spits deadly debris
  • Super Twister
  • Ultimate Twister


Using Cyclone and Twister will leave the enemies body coated in Wind magic, making them levitate up in the air, allowing Cynder to gain an advantage to attack them.



  • Surprisingly, Wind is one of the elements that is not sinister and dark among Cynder's elemental powers, like Poison, Fear, and Shadow. This is because Wind is one of the natural elements of The Legend of Spyro universe, compared to uncommon dark abilities of Poison, Fear, and Shadow.[1]
  • The Air Element in Skylanders is often mistaken as "Wind."
  • Cynder's true element is implied to be Wind.[1]
  • According to lead concept artist Jared Pullen, the wind element came from an entity of light that created the other elements (Fire, Electricity, Ice, Earth and Water).[1]
  • While Cynder's other Elemental Breaths can be mirrored to Spyro's (Fire and Poison both deal damage over time, Earth and Shadow are both physical forms of attack, and Electricity and Fear both stun enemies), Wind and Ice have next to nothing in common, save that both of them prioritise utility and support, with Wind being capable of enemy position control, and Ice being capable of freezing enemies solid.
    • The secondary attacks of the two elements also involve the user spinning in a vortex manner to damage enemies.


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