The Wizards of Cloud Temples are some of the most powerful magicians in Avalar. They only appeared in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!.

Originally Cloud Temples was a peaceful city, where the wizards and warlocks seemingly lived together in harmony, until one day when the warlocks got tired of all this peace and stole the magic wands from the wizards. With the power of the wands, they were able to take over the city. When Spyro arrived, he was able to defeat the warlocks and return the wands to the wizards, thusly restoring peace back to the city.

There are only six wizards living in Cloud Temples, but three others are unnamed.

List of wizards

  • Alaric
  • Murgen
  • Bartle



  • The Wizard Bartle makes a reference to the movie Army of Darkness when he offers to return Spyro to his homeworld, using the magic phrase Klaatu Verada Nikto, but, like the titular character from the movie, he forgets the last word. By extension, it is also a reference to The Day The Earth Stood Still, as the phrase was lightly altered for Army of Darkness from its original form, Klaatu Berada Nikto, and was further altered for Spyro 2.
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