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“Now listen up you two: I'm the star of the show, understand?!”
    —Wolfgang, Pop Rocks

Wolfgang is an evil werewolf in Skylanders Academy television series. He is part of the Doom Raiders.



Wolfgang is aggressive and reckless, but he briefly confessed to Golden Queen that his fur growth has caused him concerns about his self image. When acting apart of the Doom Raiders, Wolfgang is egostistical, acting alone and basking in his abilities even at the cost of his evil plans.


Using his bone harp, Wolfgang can play music that can hypnotize anyone of his choice within earshot, turning them zombie-like and mindless for a small amount of time. The effect and time can be increased depending on what he plays, going from few bystanders in front of him in quiet strums, to a particularly loud note that can incapacipate a large group, to an entire crowd if sound boxes are used. His harp can also reverse the effects prematurely, if a certain note is played.



In the past, Wolfgang was a cadet at Skylanders Academy alongside Pop Fizz. They had formed a rock band called "Pop and the Gang" that gradually evolved and were destined for greatness. Wolfgang, however, decided that he wanted to be the star of the show, being more in the spotlight than Pop Fizz. Pop Fizz attempted to talk sense into Wolfgang, but the werewolf's ego got the better of him, and Wolfgang kicked Pop Fizz out of the band. The darkness within Wolfgang took over him, leading him to use his instruments to force crowds into adoring him instead of entertaining them with good music. Pop Fizz left Wolfgang as he continued to spread disorder, causing "Pop and the Gang" to be disbanded.

Years later, Wolfgang became a member of the Doom Raiders and was later incarcerated in Cloudcracker Prison.

Season 1

In The Hole Truth, the Doom Raiders formulated a plan to trick the new team of Skylanders into sending them to the confinement area of the prison called "The Hole" where they can combine their powers to create a wormhole and escape, while using Kaos as a distraction. In his part, Wolfgang used his music to hypnotize a group of Mabu prison in the prison yard, prompting Eruptor to send him to The Hole, where his fellow members had gone before him. Upon realizing their mistake, the Skylanders sent themselves to The Hole to stop their escape, but were outnumbered and failed to stop the Doom Raiders in time.

Kaos Wolfgang
In Space Invaders, Wolfgang and the other Doom Raiders hid in Kaos' Guest Castle to avoid the Skylanders. After Kaos accidentally insulted him, however, the gang announced their plans to use the room as their own regardless of his belongings, and out of frustration the sorcerer went to one of the corners to meditate and use his astral projection to do things elsewhere. When he caught Stealth Elf inside his projection, Kaos tried to prove to the Doom Raiders that he had finally captured a Skylander, but her meddling in his mind angered the werewolf enough to punch him all the way into Kaossandra's Castle.

Kaos later tried to assert himself in the face of the villains over Glumshanks' odd advice once again, and just narrowly avoided a beating from Wolfgang with Stealth Elf's help from within his head (unbeknownst to him). Once she took him to Skylanders Academy and freed herself, Kaos came back to an apologetic Wolfgang, but Kaos' badly worded mocking implied his earlier beating of Wolfgang was pure luck, rather than sheer skill, and thus, the werewolf attacked him without mercy.

In Pop Rocks, Wolfgang plotted to infiltrate the Skylands Music Festival and turn everyone in the audience into drones to be ruled by the Golden Queen. While Kaos and Glumshanks were unable to get inside the festival at first, Wolfgang was able to by briefly hypnotizing the bouncer Ka-Boom. Once inside the festival, the evil werewolf encountered his former friend Pop Fizz, who was suffering from amnesia as a side effect of his anti-hypnotism potion. Wolfgang used Pop Fizz's amnesia to his advantage to get on-stage undetected and was able to hypnotize the audience, including the rest of Team Spyro.

As Wolfgang gloated to Pop Fizz in turning everyone into mindless zombies including the gremlin, this caused Pop Fizz to remember their falling out and regain his memories. The gremlin Skylander then engaged Wolfgang in a musical battle, which ended with Pop Fizz breaking Wolfgang's bone harp and releasing everyone from his hypnotism. Before Wolfgang could escape, he was stopped by Team Spyro and taken away by Ka-Boom along with Kaos.


Pop Fizz

In their prime as a band, Wolfgang increasingly took advantage of being the center of attention of the band, using his harp solos to stand out before turning to hypnotizing the crowds despite Pop Fizz's protests. After their falling out, Wolfgang still looks down on him, believing that Pop Fizz should've allowed him to show off his solos whenever he wanted to.


Despite the werewolf's aggressiveness, he can keep up a conversation over musical instruments with the troll, enough to distract him into allowing them inside the Guest Castle.




  • Unlike his canonical counterpart, Wolfgang doesn't have a British accent, and his voice has a lower pitch and a more gruff tone to it.
    • Also, in comparison to his canonical counterpart, Wolfgang's eye markings are less prominant and more faded in appearance (this trait is also applied to his lips, thus making them more closely resemble the occassional make-up worn by real-world musical bands, such as Kiss), and the orange portions of his body are darker, and are more skin-like in appearance, rather than fur-like in appearance (this trait is also applied to his ears).
  • In the episode Beard Science, Wolfgang refers to the Golden Queen as his girlfriend, but they don't appear to be in a relationship in any other episode.
  • His voice actor, James Hetfield, is famous for being the frontman of Metallica.
    • This makes Wolfgang currently the only character whose voice actor is known to be capable of singing and playing a musical instrument.
  • When Wolfgang plays a note to prematurely undo his hypnotism, one of the strings on his bone harp appears to break.
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