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The Year of the Dragon is a recurring event in the Spyro series. It is the time when new dragon eggs are brought into the Spyro's world to bring about the new generation of dragons.

Original Series


Every twelve years, the Dragon Kingdom hosts its most precious event, the Year of the Dragon Festival. Dancing, feasting, and frolicking surrounded the delivery of 150 dazzling dragon eggs by the Fairies.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

In Year of the Dragon, the Year of the Dragon took place during the entire setting of this game. Fairies deliver new dragon eggs into the Dragon Realms, and the eggs hatch only at this time. However, after the festival that left the dragons, including Spyro and Hunter, exhausted, Bianca and the Rhynocs stole all of the dragon eggs from under the Dragons' noses while they were sleeping, leading to the events of the game.

The Legend of Spyro series

Around the introduction of A New Beginning, the Year of the Dragon was taking place as Ignitus and the other remaining Guardians were watching over the dragon eggs inside the Dragon Temple, including the egg that contained the next purple dragon, Spyro.

However The Dark Master, Malefor, heard of the prophecy of the next purple dragon and sent his Ape army to the Dragon Temple to destroy the eggs to prevent Spyro's birth. He also ordered Gaul, the Ape King, to steal one of the dragon eggs as Malefor needed a dragon born in the Year of the Dragon to open the gateway that served as his prison. Fortunately, Spyro's egg was safely rescued by Ignitus and was sent down the calm stream of the Silver River. Unfortunately, the other Guardians were overwhelmed, and by the time Ignitus returned to the Temple, the dragon eggs were smashed by the Apes. Cynder's egg was taken by Gaul to be corrupted by Malefor's influence as ordered.



  • Two Spyro games were released during the Year of the Dragon in real life: Spyro: Year of the Dragon in 2000 and Skylanders: Giants in 2012.
  • Dragon's Peak, an Adventure Pack for Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure that was released during the Year of the Dragon in 2012, has dragons as the main NPC characters and is also a dragon-themed realm. This Adventure Pack was most likely made for the Year of the Dragon.
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