Yeti Serengeti is a realm that appeared in Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs.

It can be reached via the ferry from Dragon Shores that also leads to Sgt. Byrd's Barracks. Much like the Barracks, it is an arctic expanse. It's hills contain many small dark caves, including one containing multiple statues called "Whistling Caves." The first area is called the "Frozen Hills Region." A yeti named Douglas is found here, who needs help to return to his archeological dig site. A herd of springbok live on the mountain, and are essential for navigating up the steep slopes, Spyro can use them as step-stools by freezing them with his ice breath; when he returns Douglas to his site, Douglas gives him the Yeti Lamp, which helps Spyro see inside the caves. In the main area of the level, the "Frontier Region," Bentley gives Spyro the Serengeti's Heart of the Land if he can find him his set of mountain climbing gear, being that the Heart is located at the peak of the mountain.

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