“Hello Spyro! Nicely done!”

Zikomo (コモ=ドリヨワーム Komo in Japanese) is a Dream Weavers dragon who resided in the Dream Weavers homeworld.

In Spyro Reignited Trilogy, he is portrayed as a lanky dragon with light blue swirls on his body. He has a yellow floating star between his horns, and carries a giant purple hourglass.



  • In several prototype builds of the original game, this dragon has no animation or dialogue. Instead, his statue disappears immediately upon collection.
  • Zikomo is an Eastern South African name, meaning "Thank you."
  • The purple hourglass he carries in Reignited resembles the Arcane Hourglass Magic Trap from Skylanders Trap Team, a game also developed by Toys For Bob.
    • In additon, the star between his horns is the symbol for the Magic element in the Skylanders games. Spyro himself is also of the Magic element in said games.
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